Ella Reviews: Homemade Pupper Treats!

Ella Reviews: Homemade Pupper Treats!

Hello everyone! It’s me, your favourite (only – Ed.) studio dog here again to bring you the important news and up to date gossip at Full Swing. WELL! Today was TERRIBLE, it was RAINING and I got soaked walking to the studio so by the time I got there I had the zoomies and there was no food and honestly, dear readers, I was not a happy pup. BUT! I curled up on my couch to sulk-sleep through the classes, and lo and behold, my dreams came true! Alana – Full Swing student and known baking fairy – had come by with bags and bags of homemade cookies FOR ME! (Most of the cookies were of the human variety, but there was indeed a bag of homemade dog bikkies! – Ed.)

So, I couldn’t be rude, I had to sample them immediately.


Of course I would never ever forget my responsibilities dear readers, so here is my review:

Packaging: Smelled good. Couldn’t open without thumbs. Even human struggled, and human has thumbs. Could have opened with teeth though. 7/10

Recipe: Smelled very good. Was in the package with the biscuits. Was, however, not a biscuit itself. 8/10

AJKDhgfjahldgljahsjfhkj dnfshdgahdjhfjklsmamfnvf onmomnonmonmomnonmonmnmomn. 10/10

Thank you, Alana! You are a true friend! You are an example to others! I love you! I lov…. zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ

(The human biscuits were delicious too! Thank you! -Ed.)

The music featured on Ella’s Review video is Rampart and Gravier Blues by the Harlem Hamfats.


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