If you didn’t make it along to Art Deco this year check out The Dreamstress’s Blog on the event!

Art Deco 2015: Swinging* times in Sunny Napier

Art Deco Weekend

*And by swinging, I mean swing dancing, of course!

Another Napier Art Deco Weekend has come and gone, and another fabulous time was had by all – or at least everyone I talked to!

I almost didn’t go this year, because, while I had a great time last year, it was so ungodly hot that I felt ill most of the weekend, and my memories of last year are also mixed up with how stressful it was (we took possession of our new house the day I left for Napier, and moved in three days after I got back!). But the lovely ladies at the clothing swap convinced me to go, and I am so grateful for it!

I think this was the best Art Deco Weekend yet, and it was the best because I didn’t stress about trying to be anywhere, or do anything – I just let the good times happen when, and where they did, and they DID…read the full Blog here

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