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Charleston Classes

The Charleston

The roaring twenties were a decade of decadence, rebellion, glamour and change – and at the forefront, leading the way was the Charleston.

It was the biggest dance craze in history, the Charleston turned all the accepted rules of dance upside down and inside out; with wild limbs flying in all directions and knees knocked, the dance was seen as wild, thrilling, rebellious, and even dangerous – but all that aside, it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

Charleston 1 (Intro)

Building from the basics to a routine, with all the steps and combinations in between, this class is a perfect introduction to Charleston and solo jazz movement.

Suitable for absolute beginners and partner dancers seeking to jazz up their dance know-how, Charleston Level 1 is taught from the ground up without sacrificing any of the energy that made the dance a hit – it’s quite a workout!

Wear comfortable clothing and flat, smooth (not sticky) shoes, bring a bottle of water and leave with a grin and a kick in your step. Loads of Fun!

Charleston 5 (Intermediate)

If you’ve been doing Charleston for a while and can’t get enough, then Charleston 5 is where we start to get crazy! Whether we’re fast and frantic learning famous routines like the Tranky Doo or the Big Apple or working on combinations and styling, this is the class where you start to own your solo dancing and get comfortable tearing up the dance floor solo styles

Advanced Charleston (Not Running in Block 1)

You’ve got your kicks sussed and you know most of the moves, but are you ready to get up on the floor and go off script? This class is for creative collaboration, taking the Charleston and solo jazz you know so well and working on improvisation, musicality and individual voice in your dancing.
For anyone who wants to shine in a solo jam, get famous for their brand of Suzie Qs (or invent their own steps and stylings), or just get up and solo to a band for the night, this class is the place to be.

Sorry, there are no events currently available.