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Balboa Classes


In the ballrooms of 1930s Balboa Island, California, the jazz was fast and hot, and the floors were packed. With beats per minute sitting high and space per person at a premium, Balboa was born: an energetic dance with intricate footwork, a close connection and elegant lines, and all of the fun and swing style that the teenagers of the 30s loved to play with!

Balboa Open Level

Open level is an introductory, fun Balboa class suitable for beginners and those who have been dancing this great style for a while. You don’t need to know how to dance or to have partner danced before as we start right at the beginning, building solid basic rhythms and steps to get you moving on the floor. Covering the essentials of “pure Balboa” and “Bal-Swing”, including the single- and double-time basic steps, ad-lib moves, come arounds, throw outs, and lollie kicks.
We also focus on getting the fundamentals looking and feeling flash, making sure your lead/follow technique is working well and giving you strategies to help with your social dancing.

Balboa Advanced

Your feet are fast, your kicks are confident, you’re comfortable with the fundamentals, and you’re ready to expand your repertoire with more snazzy moves, delve into the finer details of lead/follow technique in Balboa, and explore musicality, rhythm and style variations. The teachers in this class are always happy to respond to student requests, so if there’s something particular you’d like to learn, make your wishes known!

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08/01/2018Beginner Classes6 week block course
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