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Blues Classes

The lights are low, it’s the end of the night and the party’s moved from the hectic jumping jazz of the ballrooms to the houses of Harlem. The rent parties, the speakeasies, the back alley dive bars and dingy saloons, where the bootleg liquor gets passed around and the music gets real slow – that’s where you find the blues.

Blues dancing evolved directly alongside blues music at the turn of the century 1910s and 1920s, and takes its character from the driving rhythms, the lazy syncopation and the relaxed pace of the music it came out of.

Blues Open Level

Blues open is for both the blues beginner or those who have a good understanding of the dance goes together.
We start with the rhythms and work our way up, building an understanding of the movements, style and connection of blues with an emphasis on social dancing.

We also work on body movement, physicality in space, and ways to combine this into our dancing, while refining lead and follow technique and the blues style and feel, so you can social dance with confidence.

Blues Advanced

You’re comfortable structuring a dance as a lead or a follow, and are starting to bring your own style to the dance and play with the music and your own movement.
If you’re ready to jump into the deeper discussions about musicality, connection, improvisation and creativity, this is the class to come to. Blues Advanced is a high level class, playing with the dance and experimenting with ideas about what makes blues what it is, and what makes the dance yours.

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08/01/2018Beginner Classes6 week block course
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