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Lindy Hop Classes

Lindy Hop (Swing)

When someone says “swing dance”, Lindy Hop is likely what they’ve got in mind – the energetic partner dance from the old films with great hair and even greater dance steps! Lindy Hop is fun and irreverent, a dance with dynamics and a strong focus on lead and follow.

Sweet moves are made to be shared with dance partners on the floor, so classes spend time on steps and rhythms alongside connection and communication. It might seem like magic but with a little practice you’ll soon be leading and following plenty of moves on the social dance floor.

Swing Level 1

Never danced before? Danced a different style but don’t know what to make of swing yet? Not entirely sure? Level 1 is an introductory, fun Lindy Hop class suitable for beginners and absolute beginners. You don’t need to know how to dance or to have partner danced before as we start right at the beginning, building solid basics to get you out on the dance floor. With an awesome selection of great swing music and teachers, Level 1 Lindy Hop is a fun, relaxed and social introduction to swing dance.

Each Level 1 Block course runs for six weeks and will introduce you to the 3 basic rhythms – the 6 count, 8 count and Charleston, as well as fun variations and moves to get everyone dancing. Partners are not required (though the more the merrier) as classes are structured to make sure everyone gets a chance to dance with everyone. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, flat shoes and a sense of humour.

As a new Lindy Hopper you need to attend 2-3 blocks at Level 1 before moving up. The basics and foundation moves you learn the first time round start to feel natural the second time, and spectacular by the third. We vary the moves we teach each block so that you’ll always get some new ideas for your repertoire. Have a chat and a dance with one of the teachers when you feel you are ready to move up to Level 1.5!

Swing Level 1.5

You’ve finished a few blocks at Level 1, and are keen to take your dancing to the next level, or you’ve been away from dancing for a while and need a refresher before diving in? Lindy Hop Level 1.5 is a transition class designed to bridge the gap between Level 1 and 2.

With a focus on getting those swing outs looking and feeling flash, making sure your lead/follow technique is working well and giving you strategies to help with your social dancing, after a few blocks of 1.5 you’ll be ready for anything Level 2 will throw at you! Have a chat and a dance with one of the teachers when you feel you are ready to move up to a Level 2 class.

Swing Level 2

Ok so you’ve started to get the hang of this whole Lindy Hop thing, well here comes some fun stuff! Lindy Hop Level 2 is a block course for dancers who have been at Level 1.5 for at least 3 months. Using the foundation moves you’ve been working on like swingouts and lindy circles, along with more advanced lead/follow technique, in Level 2 we start to build up combinations, trickier connection ideas, styling and playing with the music.

Swing Level 2.5 (Audition Entry)

This is the first of our audition classes, so this is where it’s at if you want to get serious! In level 2.5 you’ll take another look at all the things you’ve learned throughout the other levels, and focus on the technique required to make all of your dancing sharp and smooth. These classes are designed to really challenge you and will require plenty of practice time outside of class to make the most of the material.
Auditions are open to anyone interested so if you think this might be you contact us here for further information.

Swing Level 3 (Audition Entry)

So you’ve been dancing a while, love it and just can’t get enough! This class is for people who want to take their dancing to another level. It involves working on your own individual goals and weaknesses within a friendly group environment. You will need to be comfortable being filmed while you dance and analysing your own dance technique. Regular attendance is a must at this level as there is a lot of group work involved and even a bit of homework now and then!
Auditions are open to anyone interested so if you think this might be you contact us here for further information.

Swing Level 4 (Audition Entry)

This class is all about performance! If you love working on technique and really refining the things you already know until they are at a performance level this is the class for you!
At level four we work on really refining how our dancing looks, choreographing jams and routines and of course performing!
If you think this might be you contact us here for audition information.

Hello Wellington!
Never danced Lindy Hop or Swing before and want to try? Keen to brush up on all your level 1 skills in one day? Need a boost of motivation for those New Year resolutions?

Come and learn all the basics of a six week level 1 Lindy Hop course in one day. Learn the foundations over four classes, and you’ll be having heaps of fun on the social dance floor by the end – plus there’s goodies to be won if you register! When the day of classes is done we’ll crank the tunes, invite the rest of Full Swing and go straight into Speakeasy, our regular social dance event. Not to be missed!

When: 10am-5pm followed by “Speakeasy”, our regular social dance party
Where: Full Swing Studios – 80 Cuba Street, above Glassons.
Price: $70 for all four classes (discounted to $65 if you pay in advance), or $20 per class.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for minimum numbers for this event to go ahead, so please join the event, share it around.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for minimum numbers for these events to go ahead, so please register now here – Lindy Hop Beginner Bootcamp Wellington

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