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Tap Classes

Tap Level 1

What could be better than stomping your feet and making a lot of noise? Stomping your feet and making a lot of noise with style!

The iconic dance of vaudeville and musicals, tap dancing is one of the most widely recognised, entertaining and above all fun styles of dance around. Come along and follow in the footsteps of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers by learning to tap! The six week block course will cover the basic steps and sounds, along with balance, rhythm and musicality.

Taught at absolute beginner level, this will be a great class for lindy hoppers and first time dancers alike. Tap shoes are awesome if you have them but not required; wear hard soled (non rubber) shoes and clothes that your feet and ankles can move easily in without getting tangled.

As a new Tap dancer you need to attend 2-3 blocks at Level 1 before moving up. The basics and foundation moves you learn the first time round start to feel natural the second time, and spectacular by the third. We vary the moves we teach each block so that you’ll always get some new ideas for your repertoire. Have a chat with one of the teachers when you feel you are ready to move up to Level 2!

Tap Level 2

Finished the beginner tap block and feeling confident? Tap Level 2 is where we take all those rhythms and make them steps, take the steps and make them combinations, and really start to dance.

Focused on building repertoire and tap fluency, we work through steps and technique to get you tapping more stuff faster with more control and an awesome understanding of rhythm.

Tap Level 3

Tap Level 3 is fast and furious, and not for the faint of heart, but boy is it fun!
If you tap danced growing up and have always wanted a way to give it a go again, have been tap dancing for a few years or graduated Level 2, Tap Level 3 is the next challenge.

Building a name for itself for its recreations of famous film routines, from Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell to Gene Kelley and Donald O’Connor, this class works through tricky routines and complicated combos to really put the “dance” in tap dance with technique and style.

Sorry, there are no events currently available.