What should I wear?

Casual, comfortable clothes are fine. Make sure you can move freely and wearing layers is helpful as you can get warm while dancing. For footwear we recommend closed toe, flat sole shoes that not likely to fly off your feet! While there are some great specific swing dance shoes, these are not required for beginner classes.

Where is your studio?

We are at at level 1, 80 Cuba Street in the City.

Do I need a dance partner?

Nope, but if you can bring one, great! We rotate around in class to ensure the best learning possible, so individuals are more than welcome and you will have an opportunity to dance with everyone. We always try to keep the classes as even as possible, hence registering for class is required.

I’m looking for Swing Dancing, what is Lindy Hop?

Swing dancing is an umbrella term for a whole range of dances done to swing music, though when most people say Swing Dancing what they’re referring to is Lindy Hop -the biggest, most well know dance of the swing era. Lindy Hop is also known as Jitterbug… just to make it a little more confusing!

Don’t worry; you’re in the right place.

I’ve done lots of dancing before so do I still need to start at beginners?

Yes! Swing is quite a unique style and if you’ve had previous dance experience you might find that you will progress faster through the levels however you will still need to learn the patterns and lead/follow connection specific to Lindy Hop. We have a wide range of dance experience within our classes and will always try and make sure you get the information that is relevant to your level of understanding.

Are you available for wedding dances or private lessons?

Yes we do! Have a look at our Other Services page for details and prices. Space for individual lessons is available on weekends, lunchtimes and some evenings. Please enquire and we will arrange a time to suit.

Where can I find information about the social dance scene?

Social dancing is what it’s all about! Keep up to date with what’s happening around town by joining our Facebook group, find upcoming events on our events page, join Wellingtons swing dancing Meetup group “Windy Hop” or follow us on twitter. All groups are open, friendly and welcoming.

Can your dancers be booked for corporate events or entertainment?

Yes, we have worked with many corporate events including TV shows such as Good Morning. Anything from social dancing to providing a party atmosphere, through to performances with live bands. Please visit the contact us page and drop us a line to discuss the details.

How much do classes cost?

Classes cost $80 per 6 week course. Kids classes are over a school term and cost $120 per person per term. We also offer a 6 week unlimited pass for $240. This allows access to an unlimited number of our evening classes for a 6 week period.

What music should I practice to?

There is some great options out there and many can be found in the music bargain bins or on iTunes. Some great names to look out for are: Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller, Louis Jordon, Nina Simone, Lionel Hampton, Slim Gaillard, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway

I'm not in Wellington, who else does this around NZ?

If you are not in Wellington visit one of the following great studios, but next time you are in Wellington please swing by!

– Jitterbugs , Auckland www.jitterbugs.co.nz

– Swing Out Central, Auckland www.swingoutcentral.com

– Swing Dance Company B, Whangarei www.swingdancecompanyb.co.nz

– Swingtown Rebels, Christchurch www.swingtownrebels.co.nz

– Cats Corner, Hamilton visit on Facebook

I would like try the next level up, how do I know if I am ready?

The first thing we recommend is talking to your teacher who can advise. As a rule of thumb, we recommend completing at least two level 1 courses before moving up. You should be comfortable leading or following all the basics Charleston, 6-count, 8-count, Promenade and Swing out for a full song before moving to level 1.5 and a competent social dancer before moving to level 2.