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Checkout some of the coming events.

Throughout the year Full Swing hosts and supports a great range of fun events open to everyone…

The thing about dancers is we never can sit still. We’re always tapping a foot, trying a move or leaping up to find exciting new adventures – and if we can’t find any, well, we’d better make some!

And with this many dancers in one place, there’s always something on the calendar.
We’ve got our regular weekly Speakeasy, where everyone from first time in the door to the “old timers” are welcome for a chat and a dance, we show up en masse to gigs around town with Wellington’s fantastic jazz bands, and we’ve got our ear to the ground for the first rumours of national and international dance events on the horizon.

We also have the Full Swing Social Club, with regular non-dancing events and activities so we can all get to know who’s who, try something new and have a laugh without worrying about what our feet are up to.

Check out our event listings below, and keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up to the minute info on where we’re heading, so you’ve always got the scoop!

Next Events

Windy Lindy 2015 was such a smash hit we took a whole extra year to recover… but it wasn’t forever! Not long at all…

The New Zealand swing scene has waited so patiently, through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, you’ve fought your way here and you’ve found it – Windy Lindy is coming back!

With a public festival over Labour Weekend (21-23 October), a residency week with some of the world’s top teachers (23-26 October) and everyone’s favourite dance extravaganza with workshops, parties and spectacular bands (26-30 October) this year’s event will be twistier, turnier, stranger and more magical than ever before – so don’t lose your head! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, and get ready to dance!

Check it out on Facebook here Facebook or go right to the source at the Windy Lindy 2017 website Windy Lindy 2017

Windy Lindy 2017

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