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At Full Swing we’re all about swing and jazz dances from the early 20th century.

With a rich history, strong sense of community and almost infinite capacity for improvisation, you’ll be hard pressed to resist the infectious rhythms of this amazing group of street dances.

Last block course of the year!

Beginner Classes Start 4 November!

Beginner Lindy Hop Classes:  Mondays 6pm or Wednesdays 7.15pm

Absolute beginners are more than welcome, you’re encouraged! No experience or partner required.
We recommend doing the beginner course twice through (or once plus the beginner bootcamp!) so that you feel confident before moving on up. We always do the basic rhythms, but we change up the moves every block so it won’t be the same your second time around!

Email to find out more and book your place!

Lindy Hop (Swing)

When someone says “swing dance”, Lindy Hop is likely what they’ve got in mind – the energetic partner dance from the old films with great hair and even greater dance steps! Lindy Hop is fun and irreverent, a dance with dynamics and a strong focus on lead and follow.


In the ballrooms of 1930s Balboa Island, California, the jazz was fast and hot, and the floors were packed. With beats per minute sitting high and space per person at a premium, Balboa was born: an energetic dance with intricate footwork, a close connection and elegant lines, and all of the fun and swing style that the teenagers of the 30s loved to play with!


The lights are low, it’s the end of the night and the party’s moved from the hectic jumping jazz of the ballrooms to the houses of Harlem. The rent parties, the speakeasies, the back alley dive bars and dingy saloons, where the bootleg liquor gets passed around and the music gets real slow – that’s where you find the blues.
Blues dancing evolved directly alongside blues music at the turn of the century 1910s and 1920s, and takes its character from the driving rhythms, the lazy syncopation and the relaxed pace of the music it came out of.

Vintage Solo Jazz

The roaring twenties were a decade of decadence, rebellion, glamour and change – and at the forefront, leading the way was the Charleston.
It was the biggest dance craze in history, the Charleston turned all the accepted rules of dance upside down and inside out; with wild limbs flying in all directions and knees knocked, the dance was seen as wild, thrilling, rebellious, and even dangerous – but no one can deny it’s a heck of a lot of fun!


What could be better than stomping your feet and making a lot of noise? Stomping your feet and making a lot of noise with style!
The iconic dance of vaudeville and musicals, tap dancing is one of the most widely recognised, entertaining and above all fun styles of dance around. Come along and follow in the footsteps of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers by learning to tap!



  • Great option for
  • • Trying it out for the first time

  • • Visiting from out of town

  • • If you have a busy schedule

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Block Pass
$240/6 Weeks
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Saturday beginner bootcamps


Don’t have time for a regular class? Never danced before and want to start with a bang? This is a great way give dancing a go for the first time! Its also still great way to brush up on your level 1 skills before you go into the next block.

Come and learn all the basics of a six week beginner Lindy Hop course in one day. Learn the foundations over four classes, and you’ll be having heaps of fun on the social dance floor by the end!

Email to book your spot!

Beginner Bootcamp dates for 2019:

22 June, 3 August, 14 September, 19 October,  7 December

Our Teachers

Full Swing Vintage Dance Studio is a full time studio facility with a teaching staff of 12 teachers!

Ella Foxgerald

Studio Manager

As the Full Swing studio manager, keeper of the treats and general dogsbody, Ella keeps things running smoothly at Full Swing. Her main duties are sleeping on the couch all day, doing a bork when there are dogs outside, and keeping a close eye on everyone’s food. She’s also the main responder to the Full Swing email. If Ella were a new crayon, her colour would be “food”, and then she would eat the crayon. Ella’s currently recording a tribute album to her namesake, Ella Fitzgerald, called “Lady Has a Snooze”, and the early cuts sound promising.



Leo is a hoofer from way back with over 20 years experience in dance and the firm belief that jazz dances are for everyone, that full body movement and killer rhythms are the way to go, and that creativity and improvisation are the best bits whether you’re a brand new dancer or an old pro! When the oceans rise and fish people take over the world, turning us all into fish people too, Leo would rather be top-half fish than bottom-half and walk around like an oceanic T-Rex. When a movie is made about Leo’s life as a fish person, the humanoid legs will probably be played by the youngest Hanson brother.



Michael was a martial artist who decided to give ballroom dancing a go to try to impress his girlfriend at the time. He jumped across the dance floor from ballroom to swing, and his energetic physical style makes for a heap of fun and the occasional chicken-dance flash mob! If Michael becomes a contestant on the next NZ Survivor, the secret items he’ll smuggle in to ensure success would be a small dog, a ninja sword, and a violin. Whenever Michael can’t make it to teach classes we get Bruce Willis to fill in – and so far no one has noticed.



Emma started dancing during primary school with a place called “The Felines” (No cat
dancing sadly but the name was definitely a draw card). In an attempt to avoid sports
of any kind she eventually found an activity that was right up her alley – Ballroom and
Latin American dance. After competing throughout New Zealand during her teenage
years, eventually it was time to step away from the rhinestones and fake tan, and
swing dancing seemed like a lot of fun. Her favourite style now is solo jazz, and “80s
emotional ballad dancing – that’s a style, right?” Fittingly, her reality TV show tagline
is “She’s a maniac on the floor, and she’s dancing like she’s never danced before”,
and she firmly believes that no one can twirl a tambourine like Stevie Nicks can.



Sonya is a super cool person who got into dancing due to some well-hidden leprechaun heritage. She has a cat and is one of our most traveled dancers, having hit the local dance floors everywhere she can find, from Wellington to China! With the belief that dance isn’t dance if it isn’t fun, Sonya’s favourite style is “fun and random”, she briefly rocked a real 80s perm and feels there is no going back, and if a movie were made about her life (starring Uma Thurman) it would be called Nailed It. When asked if she’d prefer to be top half fish or bottom half fish, her reply intrigued us: “Top half if I was an orca, bottom half if I was a mermaid.”



A tall, lanky, monkey-like male from a sub-species of Homo sapiens, Alistair began dancing Lindy Hop in late 2011 before quickly taking up Balboa, Charleston and Blues, becoming our resident DJ, and holding the record for MOST BEST waistcoats at the studio – with some stiff competition from Brent, however. When he’s not dancing he’s usually at the studio anyway, working on some target practice with his impressive collection of nerf guns (so be warned if you drop by outside of class hours!). If given the choice, Alistair would prefer to be top half fish rather than bottom half, simply because his shimmy would be even more impressive with scales.



Rachel started dancing Swing in 2012 at the suggestion of a friend, and since Balboa and Lindy Hop got her hooked, her favourite style really depends on what music is being played and how she’s feeling! When this Full Swing investigative reporter got the inside scoop, Rachel confided that she’s never pulled a sickie, her toothbrush is pink, and the future biopic of her life will be called “All the Things!”. Rachel will be played by Rachel Weisz, because Rachelception is a well documented phenomenon (among Rachels, that is).





A friend of Andrew’s wanted a wingman to attend a swing dancing class and he bravely volunteered. Before he knew it he was hooked, and here he is today! Andrew loves Balboa for it’s subtlety, playfulness and flow, and if given the choice between always being hot or always being cold, he’d choose cold… like blue steel. The eventual biopic movie of Andrew’s life will be called Plan 9 from Outer Space, and Andrew will be played by Halle Berry.



Lauren started dancing due to a potent combination of her parents playing a lot of Hot Club de France and a long history of watching dance films and wanting to learn a partner dance but not use so much hair-gel as they do in Strictly Ballroom. Balboa is her jam, for the subtleties of the connection and the relaxed energy. Her toothbrush is blue, green and white (she checked) and, when asked about the worst hairstyle she’s ever had, replied “I grew up in the 80s. That’s all I want to say on the matter…”