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Our Facilities:

Full Swing Vintage Dance Studios is a 280 square facility with the option for 1 – 3 studio spaces

Our internal walls fold to allow us to cater the size of the space to your event and budget.

The studio has a comfortable social area and toilet and kitchen facilities.



Fitness & Yoga

for Your Kids!


While workout classes for kids are just on the rise nationwide, we’ve already got your family covered!

With 2 highly experienced and extremely communicative coaches in charge, our special classes for kids (6-16) incorporate such activities, as:

  • CrossFit
  • General Fitness
  • Iyengar yoga





Summertime Discounts

25% OFF!


Everyone knows, that there’s no other time like the summer when the workout practices popularity skyrockets so much!

Of course, there’s a very good reason for that – the sunbathing season, which is once again upon us…

So we’ve got great news for you:

If you decide to sign up for our Fitness or Yoga this summertime, to keep your shape up, you will be awarded with a 25% price cut, right away, till the end of August!





Body & Mind Intact!


We’re one of the few studios not just in Wyoming, but in the US, who decided to test a universal combination…

That is the power of the fitness routine for your body and the yoga practices for your mind!

Read more about our Fitness & Yoga services and do not hesitate to sign up!

Keep yourself upbeat all-around!



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