The swing dance scene in Dunedin may be small, but (not unlike the chilly air in that bonnie city) boy does it pack a heck of a punch! Michael and Saran were lucky enough to be invited way down south to teach at Dunedin’s first swing dance exchange: Vintage Street Swing.

Part dance event, part VIP tour of the sights and sounds and secret spaces of the city, the whole event was bursting with energy and excitement – from the very first dance of live hot jazz tucked away in a cocktail bar, to the very last, over breakfast and coffee as the rain came down outside and the dancers fogged up the windows to the beautiful sounds of Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers.

In between the atmosphere in classes was electric and fun, we rocked out a Shim Sham on the steepest street in the world, danced and danced in the historic and gorgeous Savoy Ballroom (not the same one, but as close as you’ll get!) and made our own traveling band through the streets to see the art stretched across buildings and up into the sky. With teachers and dancers from Christchurch and Timaru heading over too, and the the whole event feeling so friendly and warm we didn’t even feel the cold.

We very much hope to come back next year – and bring the rest of Full Swing along too!

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