What’s On

Beginner Classes:  Mondays 6pm or Wednedays 7.15pm

Absolute beginners are more than welcome, you’re encouraged! No experience or partner required.
We recommend doing the beginner course twice through (or once plus the beginner bootcamp!) so that you feel confident before moving on up. We always do the basic rhythms, but we change up the moves every block so it won’t be the same your second time around!


Beginner course
 (minimum 2 blocks):
Have fun, feel good and learn the basics!

Improver course
(2-3 blocks):
Feel more comfortable and confident dancing!

(minimum 8 blocks, or one year):
Settle in, get to know everyone, learn heaps, have fun and expand your dancing and community!

After intermediate, we are working our way toward providing three advanced streams based on what people are interested in doing as they continue learning:

Work it Out
A workshop style advanced class designed to empower dancers to explore their own dancing, experiment with technique, play with social dance ideas and make their dancing unique, individual and enjoyable (Exactly what the class is now!)

Performance Troupe
Learn routines and improvised performance techniques, practise and polish them, perform them wherever and whenever possible! (Exactly what the troupe is now!)

And finally, not starting in block 5 but hopefully very soon:

Audition Entry Class
For those who want to squeeze every last drop of technique, theory, and nerdiness out of their dancing! This will be an audition entry, lots of talking, lots of drilling, no holds-barred-full-on-dance-geek class (Name and dates TBC).

If you are not sure which class you best fit into, don’t hesitate to have a chat to us and we can point you in the right direction.


If you’ve got a tricky schedule, weekly classes aren’t your thing or you just want more dancing in your life, Full Swing also runs regular weekend workshops! We’ve got Beginner Bootcamps if you’re just starting out or taster classes so you can try different styles, plus intensive intermediate and advanced classes so there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Full Swing Pro Weekend

Workshops and Social Dancing

In the middle of every block we run a full weekend of in depth workshops (with heaps of social dancing time as well!) for anyone who wants to really take their dancing to another level of awesome. Dancers from Wellington and around New Zealand are very welcome to come and work with us! Each weekend has a different goal to work toward, from effective practice to partnership, performance and hardcore improvement, and we always end with a dance party at one of our favourite Wellington bars, Hanging Ditch!

Full Swing Pro Weekend dates for 2019:

13-14 July, 24-25 August, 5-6 October, 16-17 November

Local Events

Classes are great, but the social dance floor is where the magic happens. Whether we’re running the event or keeping an ear to the ground for the best live music in town, Full Swing has got you covered – check in here for what’s on in Wellington for the dancing crowd.



Twice a block we get together, DJ our favourite swing tunes all night and have an awesome dance party! Speakeasy is a chance to get to know people from other classes and levels, find some inspiration, eat some nibbles and catch the social dancing bug. Friday nights are the perfect time to party!

Speakeasy dates for 2019:

28 June, 19 July, 9 & 30 August, 20 September, 11 October, 1 & 22 November

Christmas Party: 7 December

End of year picnic: 15 December

Live Music and Venues


Wellington is the coolest little capital, and we’re surrounded by a lot of awesome music and dancing opportunities! If you want to know what’s on around town, check out some of our favourite bars for live music: The Rogue & Vagabond, Meow, The Third Eye, Havana Bar, Southern Cross, and Hanging Ditch!

Wellington is also home to the New Zealand School of Music and some of the best jazz bands in the country, so we’re spoilt for choice!
Check out The Dancing and Drinking Society, The Aspire Big Band, The Wellington City Shake ‘Em On Downers, Black Spider Stomp, and Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band for upcoming gigs!

Venice Beach Set

Fast and Furious

Named for the infamous vintage Balboa film clip, the Venice Beach Set is an opportunity to satisfy your inner need for speed and go fast, fast, fast! Yes, it’s fast music only, so swing it fast and swing it good! Bust out some Balboa, chuck in some Charleston and lay out some Lindy – we’re ready to dance till we drop!

Black Vinyl Club

Ripping up the Vinyl

At The Black Vinyl Club we play on – you guessed it – real vinyl! We’ve scoured the town for all the old swing, jazz and blues records we could get our hands on. So get along to The Black Vinyl Club to hear loads of your old favourites and a heap of exciting-even-older-but-new-to-you favourites as you’ve never heard them before!

Opium Den

Slow it Down

The Opium Den is our late night blues and slow dance party, to get you jumping, shuffling or mooching to every song. Relaxed, slow and so much fun, the Opium Den is the place to be if you want to get your swing and blues on – all night long.

Major Events

You come to classes, party at Speakeasy, follow the best bands around town, and you still want more? Lucky for you, there’s heaps to choose from! Swing dance schools around New Zealand and internationally run regular large events, or exchanges, so that people from all over can get together, learn from the best, and dance, dance, dance!

Windy Lindy

New Zealand's Biggest Swing Festival

Art Deco Napier

Tremains Art Deco Festival Napier

It’s the art deco capital of the world, and every year dancers from around New Zealand make a pilgrimage to Napier to don their ’30’s finery and dance in the streets during the Art Deco Festival!

With live swing and jazz bands, the whole town in costume, and plenty to see and do, this is a fantastic event for your calendar.

The next Art Deco Festival will take place Wednesday 19th – Sunday 23rd February 2020


Other Exchanges

You might come along for the first time to learn to dance, but if you stick around long enough you realise it’s the community that makes Full Swing awesome. Even better, that community extends around New Zealand and overseas. The best way to learn more, dance heaps, and find new friends all over the world is to pack a bag and try out a dance exchange. Trust us, just go to one and see if you can stop…

Swing Festival

An awesome weekend of workshops and social dancing, with amazing national and international teachers!

Dunedin Mid-Winter
Swing Festival

Swing Riot Dunedin hosts friends from all over Aotearoa (and beyond) for a jam-packed weekend of dance workshops, live music, and social dancing! Showcasing some of the best Swing and Blues bands that Otago has to offer, with three nights of live music, dance taster classes, showcases and competitions, Midwinter Swing will have you swept off your feet with that driving rhythm and beat.

Pocket Change Exchange

New Zealand’s only socials-only exchange – with 4 days/nights of epic social dancing it’s not to be missed, with attendees from all over New Zealand, Australia and further afield!


Canberräng is one of Full Swing’s favourite to recommend exchanges – Canberra’s annual festival of swing! Canberräng is presented by Jumptown Swing and attracts dancers from across Australia and abroad. Along with social dancing, Canberräng features local and interstate musicians, performances, balls and more, all held in some of Canberra’s best venues.

Studio Hop
Summer Camp

In a private holiday village in the heart of Auvergne, enjoy 1, 2 or 3 weeks of dance holiday! With international teachers, fantastic bands, a pool and sauna, French food and classes taught in (mostly) English, this is one of the best dance camps in the world!


An annual event in Vitoria, Basque Country, GastroSwing is where fantastic food and spectacular dancing come together!